There’s a lot more to your property exterior than your landscaping. Bright Choice is your source for pressure washing services that bring out the full potential of your hardscapes.

Flawless Curb Appeal

Curb appeal isn’t just about appearances - it all boils down to quality! That’s why our team is committed to bringing the best power washing solution to your property.

Using special cleaners, hot pressure washing equipment, and the expertise of trained technicians, we clean your:

  • Brick

  • Concrete

  • Stone

  • Pavers


Every surface needs special attention. That’s why we deliver customized cleaning that meets the requirements of all of your hardscapes - from your driveway to your patio.

Pressure Washing Service in Alexandria & Northern Virginia for stone, pavers, concrete, brick and more

Quality That Lasts

Your property deserves a power washing service that comes with staying power. And you should n With service from our team, you aren’t getting a quick fix or a band-aid solution. Your property is getting quality that will stretch the lifetime of your surfaces… and make your curb appeal soar in the process.

Eyesores Erased

When it comes to curb appeal, your property faces an uphill battle. It is constantly exposed to elements that wear it down, whether it’s from people or mother nature. We provide the ‘eraser effect’ for these eyesores. Using our professional-grade power washing system, we:

  • Remove stains, streaks, and other discoloration

  • Break down and lift away grease and oil

  • Remove chewing gum

  • Kill mildew, algae, mold, and moss


"The flagstone patio looks like new…The crew was courteous and professional and I highly recommend them."                                               Josh T. Annandale, Va

Bright Choice proudly delivers the best in pressure washing for your exterior. The result: Every aspect of your property is a success story!

Professional & Licensed, Fully Insured


Bright Choice Pressure Washing is a Professional & Licensed company carrying $2 million liability insurance. We have the professional modern equipment necessary to handle all jobs large and small, ensuring all jobs meet exacting professional standards. Our proven methods pose ZERO RISK of damage to your property. You can always rest assured that your job will be handled promptly, professionally and with expertise.

Tom Raschke

Tom Raschke - Owner

Tom Raschke, Owner, Bright Choice Pressure Washing

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